Community Living Radio Show Interview

I had the honor to be interviewed by Micheal Rubin for on Community Living Radio 100.3 FM.

Here’s the Radio interview. See, below the interview, I have done a breakdown of the questions that Micheal asked me. This way you can go to a section that interests you the most. I personally think that all sections are interesting… LOL. I have to admit that I am a little bias.

1:42 – Q1: What does it mean to be a Serenity Expert and how does that help with the healing coaching?
2:40 – Q2: How did you get down the path of serenity yourself?
6:49 – Q3: How much of it was changing your mindset to something much more positive and helping to eliminate the stress?
10:35 – Q4: How do you help people recognize the stressors in their lives? Here I tell the story of how and why I broke my ankle… Listen to that one!
21:45 – Q5: How do we know what changes we should start making in our lives and how do we know who is the right coach for us to start those changes? I explain how stress becomes tend to become the NEW normal.
26:45 – Q6: How to deal with the fight or flight situation in our lives or all the stress people are experiencing?
32:00 – Q7: Explain how a coach can be helping achieve goals?
35:45 – Q8: How does serenity start to look like for somebody? Part 1
42:20 – Q8: How does serenity start to look like for somebody? Part 2
44:55 – Q9: Explain more about self-love?
47:10 – Q10: How do grief and serenity come together?
49:50 – Q11: How can people reach you? Get your free gift!
51:50 – Q12: What is a diamond and nugget the listeners can go away with?

I hope you enjoyed it!